Friday, November 13, 2009

Violetta Lips

Hey Guys

Hope all is well, just wanted to share a lipstick that I love, MAC's Violette l/s, you can only get this color at the PRO store, back in the days I would never wear a bright color like this, but since my journey with makeup, give me a bright color anyday, LOL. Here is my lip of the day, I am only wearing foundation, some blush, mascara, and my lips. Enjoy. By the way I got a JOB, I am so happy.......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Decay

Hey Guys

I know long time, I have been busy trying to find a job going on a year next month that I was laid off, thank god unemployment is still coming. I actually had 2 interviews with MAC, but it has been 2 weeks now that I had the second interview and they haven't called back so I guess I was not in the running, I am not upset about it; will keep sending out my resume. This is giving me more confidence in what I want. I did my first test photo shoot a week ago and was nervous as all hell, but it turned out pretty good, I was putting on those lashes in one shot (I have my good and bad days with those damn things). Just wanted to share with you what I ordered from Sephora today since they have the family and friends 20% off. Check out these babies I bought can't wait for it to come. Aren't they beautiful, LOL. Until next time ladies,
Oh, as soon as I get the pictures of the photo shoot I will send you the blog site info so you can check it out. Chao!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Need Help

Can someone let me know how do I make the pictures clickable again, I don't know what happened.

Look using Brule

Hey Ladies
I recently bought Brule e/s from MAC, and I love it, love it, loveeeeee it. I also purchased Coquette to go with it, this is my new neutral look that I will be rocking when I can't decide on what color I should use on my eyes. Here is what I used, hope you like the pictures. What other neutral color combos should I try, let me know. Night, night ladies.

Usual moisturizer Ponds
Moistureblend Creme Foundation NC50
MSF Deep Dark
Notable Blush,
Coral Shimmer Blush by Bobbi Brown
Brunette MSF to highlight

Brule on Lid & inner lower lashline
Coquette on Outer V & Crease
Dark Devotion from Smokey Palette over the Coquette to make more darker & lower lashline
Soba as highlight
Blacktrack Fluidline
Lash Exact Mascara

Prep & Prime(love this stuff, getting ready to buy a third one)
Pretty Pattern l/g
Clear l/g

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Tube

Hey Ladies

No I am not on youtube, but I wanted to know if anyone has ever seen TheIslandBeauty, if you haven't you need to watch. She is beautiful, and hilarious, you will be cracking up at her, between doing makeup she starts singing and giving all kinds of fierceness. Then when she speeds up the video even more funny. Tell me what you think of her. Tootles.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday FOTD

Hi Ladies
I know it has been a minute, I went to church today, and I did a look using Rated R from the new Starflash collection. I love this eyeshadow, but I have been having a brain freeze on what colors to put with it, so if anyone has this color please send me some suggestions, because I love this color, and I need to wear it more. I can't wait until thursday to get my stuff from the Make Up Art Collection. Looking at all the hauls and pictures I called my girl who is a MUA at MAC and gave her my list to hold for me, I don't want when I get there things are sold out. I would be too upset, LOL. Anyway on to the look. Choa Ladies....
MUFE Face & Body Foundation
MSF Deep Dark
Bobbi Brown Blush-Plum Wine
MAC Iridescent Powder-Belightful(cheek highlight, nose, forehead, and chin)

1st 1/2 Lid-Rated R
2nd 1/2 Lid-Freakshow (Urban Decay)
Outer V-Shadowy Lady
Lower Lashline-Rated R & Parfait Amour
Creme Liner-Black
Covergirl Exact Lash & MAC Slashproof Mascara

Capricious l/s(I think that is how you spell it)
Viva Glam Special Edition l/g

P.S. I am not sure why you can't click on the pictures, can anyone let me know what I should do.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hey Ladies
Okay I know I have been gone for a while, I have been really lazy, and I can't stand my camera phone. I really need to invest into a new digital camera. I was away in Georgia, and my daughter ended up breaking her ankle so she is in a cast and on crutches for a few more weeks. But here is a FOTD that I did in Atlanta in July, unfortunately I can't remember what I had on, I know one of the colors are Silver Ring, enjoy, and I will be posting really soon. I bought a few things so I will post that up soon. Tootles.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Upcoming MAC Collections

Hi Guys

I know I have been MIA, I just been lazy and not taking any pictures of my FOTD, anywho have you guys checked out or Temptalia, DID YOU SEE THE NEW COLLECTIONS, time for me to get on my grind and find a J.O.B. MAC is killing me right now, I just hope when the collections come out I feel the same way. What do you think about the collections, I know I am getting all of the new color liners that will be out in August. What are you guys getting. Let me know. Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adesign Brushes


I forgot to let you know that I also bought a set of brushes from Adesign, I have been looking at these brushes since last year at the makeup show. And since Ren from MakeupbyRenRen always talks about it, I needed these brushes, so I wanted until yesterday to buy these babies, and guess what I paid only $36.00, and the regular price is $60.00. Unfortunately they have to ship them to me because they ran out, I wonder why, LOL. Here is the picture of what I purchase, YIPPIE!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Here is the look I did for the day. Hope you like. Night, night, talk to you soon.
Ponds Face Cream
MUFE-Face and Body Foundation #4
MSF-Deep Dark
MSF-Brunette(cheek highlight)
Flirt & Tease-Blush

Nocturnelle-(Crease & Outer V)
Hepcat-(a little in the center of lid)
MUFE #92-(Outer V)
Beautiful Iris-(Tear Duct)

Fast Friends-l/g
Date Night-d/g

2009 Makeup Show

Hey Ladies
Did I have a wonderful day today. The Makeup Show was amazing, I think yesterday was fabulous but I heard it was very crowded, today wasn't that crowded I got there around 11 in the morning. I bought a few things not to much. Makeup Forever had the greatest deals 40% off, that is amazing. MAC didn't have alot of stuff, I didn't even bother, I have soooo many things from MAC, and what do I see when I turn on my computer the new Style Warrior, LOL. You know I have to go and see what it looks like. Anywho, what made my day even more enjoyable was to see the lovely Brittany from Clumps of Mascara, and Erin from Scandalous Beauty, they are just amazing and wonderful, very beautiful ladies, hope to see them again and chat some more. I just want you guys to know that I really appreciate the compliments that you gave me today, it just gives me more confidence that I know that I need to take my talent to the next level, because I really enjoy makeup. I get very excited buying makeup, I don't know why, but I do. I am a hot mess, LOL... Well here are the items that I bought and pictures. **Sorry my camera phone is not the best at night). I forgot to tell you I bought Lip Tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Queen of Blendigng talks about it.

Makeup Wipes-(These wipes right here is the truth)
Corrector Palette
Metal Palette
The Actors Bag-(This bag is for when you have to do touch-up, it has a strap on the back, when you open it has a magnatize palette where you can put all of your eye palette or blush that you are using, it has a side for tissue and in the other zipper part you can put your brushes and there is a bag for lipglosses or powder)

Velvet Finish Compact Powder #20
Compact Shine On #6(This is new)
Face and Body Foundation #44(One of my favorite)
E/S-#159, 168, 138, 150, 167, 171, 53

Eve Pearl:
3 Eyelashes, and lash glue

Makeup Mania:
Graftobian Foundation Palette

Powder Group Bags

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay I have pictures that I took, but forgot to blog so I am just posting the pictures, hope you like.

Makeup Gig


I am doing 4 ladies makeup on Saturday for a concert at my church, now the colors that they are wearing is Tiffany Blue and Fushia, I have some ideas of colors I should use, but I want to know your thoughts. Please give suggestions. Have a beautiful day.

Thanks guys

Happy Thursday

Hi Guys
I know it has been a while, but I have been truly lazy, and I have been going to Boot Camp to get right for the big 35th birthday in December, and to be fit in general. And that has been kicking my butt, sore every other day. Since I have been out of work, I have been truly slacking with working out and eating right. But anyway I did a look yesterday, not for any reason just had to pick up the kids from school, LOL. Okay so on to the look. Everything MAC unless otherwise specified. ENJOY!!!!

UDPP-(the new one)
Lid-Ben Nye Bronze
Crease-MAC Saddle & Beautyburst
Outer V-Brun & Brown from Spice Quad(Cult of Cherry)
Benefit Cake Eyeliner
Lower Lash-Urban Decay Ransom Eyeliner
MUFE #9 on top of liner
MAC Smolder on water line

Ponds Moisturizer
MUFE Face & Body Foundation #46
Blot Powder in Deep Dark
Brunette MSF as cheek highlight
Gleeful Blush

Prep & Prime (love this stuff)
Fresh Brew l/s
Iman Espresso lipliner
Clear Lipglass
Ricky's new Mattese lipgloss (can't remember the name)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Guys

I did a look yesterday using Aquavert, Club, and Deep Truth, I actually got the idea after watching Makeupbyrenren. She did her best friends makeup using the same colors except I didn't have blue flame, so I used Deep Truth as a dupe, I liked the way it came out so let me know what you think. On to the look, enjoy. Excuse the puffiness under my eyes. My eyes were tiching the night before and this is what had happen before

Two Face Insurance
Red Velvet shadestick
Aquavert on first half of eye
Club on the other half,
Deep Truth as outer v
Graphic Black Liner on water line
Dazzlelight Mascara, and Loud Lash Mascara

Studio Tech-NW45
MSF in Deep Dark
Tippy Blush from Hello Kitty Collection
Brunette MSF as cheek highlight

Prep & Prime Lip
Fresh Brew Lipstick
NYX Chocalate Lipgloss

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bobbi Brown Foundation


I went to the mall one day and was at the Bobbi Brown counter, and they had this new foundation called Skin Foundation, which is suppose to be very light but flawless. So I ask the sales person for a sample, I haven't had good luck with their foundation. OMG I wish I tried it on in the store because I would of bought the damn bottle. When I got home I thought I was going to die. This foundation is wonderful, it is light but buildable it matches my skin tone to the T, and I also decided to try the concealer and I love it, a bit on the expensive side, but I wanted to get it. I am not too good with concealer sometimes I feel I can still see some of the dark under my eyes, let me know if you have any suggestion on that or tell me what I am doing wrong. But here is a picture of the foundation ladies. I really think you should try and see if you like especially if you don't like a lot of foundation on. Until next time, NIGHT, NIGHT,

NYX Makeup

Hi Guys
I know, I know it has been a while, but I haven't been wearing much makeup since I don't have J.O.B to go to, LOL. A while ago I went into this store called Essentials in Queen Center Mall in NY, and they had all the NYX stuff, and I know alot of bloggers use then so I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes to try, and the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil. They are not so pigmented like MAC but with the right base the color will pop, so today I used one of the green palettes, tell me what you think, towards the end of the day I think it started to look a little blue-ish. I forgot to put on concealer today, and I was putting on the shadow on my lower lash and didn't like it, so I took it off, LOL. I was in a rush today. But here is the look below and the makeup that I purchased. See ya later ladies.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (LOVE IT)
MSF Skin Finish in Deep Dark
Ablaze Blush (very little)

Jumbo Pencil-Milk as base
NYX TS23 Palette (Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean)
Black fluid line

Pink Meringue

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bitch Slap Cosmetics

Hey Ladies

I know it has been a while, I am not going to lie. I have been lazy. Anywho, has anyone heard of Bitch Slap Cosmetics, lord have mercy. The line is no other than The Master of Makeup, I discovered her on Myspace last year, and she is amazing, you will be in awwww when you see her work, at. Boy does she know how to cut the crease. Now she has her own makeup line. Ladies the colors are amazing. If you get a chance check out her website. and her myspace is Let me know what you think, I have no control I ordered 3 things tonight, LOL, and once I receive best believe I will let you know what I think, and post a look.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Ladies
Here is another look I did, shopping my stash like Erin from Makeup Fiend will say. I have so much stuff it is a damn shame, and I can't stop buying makeup. And I don't have no job, LOL. Have a good night. Not sure why the post is putting everything together and not spacing, can anyone let me know how to fix.
Laura Mercier Primer
MUFE F&B Foundation (LOVE IT, I tell you)
MSF Deep Dark
Stila Bronzer on nose, forehead, and chin
Two Face Insurance Primer
Lid: Pink Mauve Pigment
Crease: Plum Dressing and Romping
Outer V: Entremauve Pigment
Blacktrack Fluidline
Cover Girl Eye Lites Mascara
Frame Blush
Brunette MSF (cheekbone highlight)
Perioxide lipglass
Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi Guys
I know it has been a while, I have been very lazy with writing on my blog, I take the pictures and forget to post so now I have to try very hard to remember what I had on. Plus my son wears me out, LOL. Hope you like the look
Same as usual, but wearing MUFE Face and Body Foundation #44
Kimora Lee Blush in Mojave Rose
Brunette MSF
Studio Finish Concealer NW45
Bio Green e/s
Wondergrass e/s
Greensmoke e/s
Femme Noir e/s
Nylon e/s
Shade Fluidline
Loud Lash Mascara
Mystery Eyeliner
Lip Primer (love this stuff)
Capricious Lipstick
Clear Lipglass

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey Guys

It felt so good watching President Obama get sworn in, it is amazing. Well last week I went and purchased some stuff at Sephora, MUFE is expensive I have to buy 2 shadows at a time. I got 3 eyeshadows and the NARS blush duo in Sin/Casino. I bought it after watching Makeupbyrenren's haul. I am going to to go broke watching you guys, LOL. On to the look

MFE face and body foundation #44
MSF-Deep Dark
MSF-Brunette (I love it)
Nars Crazed Blush

Two Face Insurance Primer
MUFE e/s #152, 75, 92

Peroxide l/g
Money Honey Dazzleglass

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brunette, Blondes, Redhead Collection and FOTD

Hey Guys
How are you today, well I went to MAC last week and bought some stuff from the new collection. I only ended up getting 1 eyeshadow which is Henna, that is a beautiful color even though Sumptous Olive looks almost like it is more gold on me than green. The other colors I didn't even bother because I have so many colors that I can dupe. I got a MSF the Brunette, I love it very pretty, and I got 2 lipglosses Peroxide and Quick Tease. Peroxide is a wonderful color I think I will be going back to get another one. Oh almost forgot I ended up getting all three brushes they are FABULOUS, especially the 214 it works wonderfully on the lower lashline. Also bought a lip prep & prime, pinkarat and springbean lipgloss. And on to the look of the day
P.S. As you can tell I love this hat, LOL

Laura Geller Sparkle Primer
Studio Fix Fluid NW 47
MSF in deep dark
Brunette MSF as highlight
Burnt Pepper Blush (Pro color)
Stila Bronzer on nose, chin, and forehead

Henna on lid
Humid in crease
Femme Noir and Bottle Green outer v
Scant as highlight (smokey palette)
Blitz & Glitz as liner
Cover Girl eyelights mascara
Same colors on lower lashline except highlight

Springbean lustreglass

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Looks

Just thought I would put up some pictures from last summer, one of the looks is from the Cult of Cherry Collection the Chocalate Quad, I love this quad. I wore it alot. And the other picture was at work I was bored and just started taking pictures, LOL. Enjoy