Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Decay

Hey Guys

I know long time, I have been busy trying to find a job going on a year next month that I was laid off, thank god unemployment is still coming. I actually had 2 interviews with MAC, but it has been 2 weeks now that I had the second interview and they haven't called back so I guess I was not in the running, I am not upset about it; will keep sending out my resume. This is giving me more confidence in what I want. I did my first test photo shoot a week ago and was nervous as all hell, but it turned out pretty good, I was putting on those lashes in one shot (I have my good and bad days with those damn things). Just wanted to share with you what I ordered from Sephora today since they have the family and friends 20% off. Check out these babies I bought can't wait for it to come. Aren't they beautiful, LOL. Until next time ladies,
Oh, as soon as I get the pictures of the photo shoot I will send you the blog site info so you can check it out. Chao!!!