Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wet & Wild Palettes

Another post before I go to bed, I bought the Wet and Wild palettes in I believe Greed and Vanity, and I must say a good buy for $4.99, I usually don't buy drug store makeup, but I was very impressed on these. They are very pigmented as you can tell from the pictures below, I am really getting into matte colors more. If you want some cheap eyeshadow that give good color payoff, get to your local CVS, Duane Reade and pick these up, I also picked up their new hodiday palettes, but I didn't try them yet once I do I will put some pictures up. Until next time, night, night ladies.

Sleek Makeup

My girlfriend went to London this past summer and I gave her some funds to finally pick me up some Sleek Makeup. I know most of you heard of them, if you haven't you must try them out, there shadows are mineralized that come in a sleek small palette, easy to carry around. The pigmentation on these shadows are amazing, some of them can be a little grainy (if that is a word) LOL, and they do have alot of fallout, but besides those 2 cons these are great shadows.

I also have from them their face contour kit, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and 2 of the blushes. Here is a look I did using the shadows I hope you like, let me know what you think, I don't know what I used on my lips but I need to figure it out, I love it, LOL

You can also check out girl at Welcome2divasworld on youtube she uses them alot.

Quick Hello

Hello Guys

I know, I know its been a longggggggg time since I posted something. I've taken plenty of pictures but no time to put them on my blog, and just pure laziness. So for the new year I will try my best to post something at least once or twice a week. I am trying to do so many thing for the new year, I will be starting back school to finish getting my Bachelors its time a sister is not getting any younger, LOL. Need to start working out to get these pounds off my ass, hahahahahaha, and just taking care of myself, eating right enough with the junk. Food is the devil I tell you.....

So I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, its snowing hard in NYC right now and I am not ready to face it tomorrow to go to work, so everyone stay safe. Below is a few pictures of some different looks, take care...

The pictures with the yellow is Canary Yellow from MAC PRO.