Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Guys

I did a look yesterday using Aquavert, Club, and Deep Truth, I actually got the idea after watching Makeupbyrenren. She did her best friends makeup using the same colors except I didn't have blue flame, so I used Deep Truth as a dupe, I liked the way it came out so let me know what you think. On to the look, enjoy. Excuse the puffiness under my eyes. My eyes were tiching the night before and this is what had happen before

Two Face Insurance
Red Velvet shadestick
Aquavert on first half of eye
Club on the other half,
Deep Truth as outer v
Graphic Black Liner on water line
Dazzlelight Mascara, and Loud Lash Mascara

Studio Tech-NW45
MSF in Deep Dark
Tippy Blush from Hello Kitty Collection
Brunette MSF as cheek highlight

Prep & Prime Lip
Fresh Brew Lipstick
NYX Chocalate Lipgloss


MakeupByRenRen said...

this looks gorgeous on you!

Tysh said...

Thank you girl, I am glad you like it, I need to get that lip erase, I have been eyeing for a while now, is it at the regular MAC counter or Pro

Amina said...

I looove those car shots. You look amaazing!!