Monday, January 12, 2009

Brunette, Blondes, Redhead Collection and FOTD

Hey Guys
How are you today, well I went to MAC last week and bought some stuff from the new collection. I only ended up getting 1 eyeshadow which is Henna, that is a beautiful color even though Sumptous Olive looks almost like it is more gold on me than green. The other colors I didn't even bother because I have so many colors that I can dupe. I got a MSF the Brunette, I love it very pretty, and I got 2 lipglosses Peroxide and Quick Tease. Peroxide is a wonderful color I think I will be going back to get another one. Oh almost forgot I ended up getting all three brushes they are FABULOUS, especially the 214 it works wonderfully on the lower lashline. Also bought a lip prep & prime, pinkarat and springbean lipgloss. And on to the look of the day
P.S. As you can tell I love this hat, LOL

Laura Geller Sparkle Primer
Studio Fix Fluid NW 47
MSF in deep dark
Brunette MSF as highlight
Burnt Pepper Blush (Pro color)
Stila Bronzer on nose, chin, and forehead

Henna on lid
Humid in crease
Femme Noir and Bottle Green outer v
Scant as highlight (smokey palette)
Blitz & Glitz as liner
Cover Girl eyelights mascara
Same colors on lower lashline except highlight

Springbean lustreglass


Seymone said...

Love the look.. I especially love springbean.. One of my fave colors

Amina said...

you loook amaaazing!
great haul!
I ended up losing my mind on BBR
I got all 3 msfs and at least 4 e/s
I blame am kidding it's my lack of control :)
Erin's review sold me though

Tysh said...

Thanks ladies

Erin said...

Where the heck did you find Femme Noir?

I love the look! Isn't Humid fabulous with Henna?

Amina better not blame me for her lack of self control, LOL. I have it worse, believe me.

I don't have Springbean either, should I give it a try?

Tysh said...

You should definately try Spring Bean it gives a nice green tint. Let me tell you how I hunted Femme Noir down when it was discontinued, I got the last palette from the Pro store, but the Company Store does have them. I know for sure the one on Church St in the city has it,

MakeupByRenRen said...

really pretty!

Coco said...

Nice Look!