Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey Guys

I am back I finally got a new camera, and I am using my 11 year old daughters lap top, still have a virus on my desktop, I am ready to dash it in the garbage. Trying to get an Apple computer this time around. Anywho I was browsing Temptalia page and she had a post about an e/s from Becca called Shangtung, as many of you know Sephora used to sell Becca, I wish they didn't get rid of it. So being the makeup addict that I am, LOL I went searching to see where its being sold, and come to find out they have a new beauty section in some Duane Reade stores that sells Becca, so you know I went calling to find a location. After work I went straight to 42nd Street, Grand Central in NYC.

OMG!!!!! It was a beautiful section that sells Becca, POP, Vera Moore, Pur Minerals, and a few others that I never heard of but they were nice. My mouth hit the floor who knew DR was getting so upscale. Got in the damn store didn't have the color e/s I was pissed, but I've always wanted to try Pur Minerals after hearing about it from MakeupbyRenRen, and Queen of Blending, I ended up getting the Start Now kit that has 4 pieces for $37.00 not bad at all, it has a Press Mineral Foundation which is a 4-in-1, Mineral Glow, Universal Marble Powder, and a Chisel Brush. Now the bigger size foundation was $23.00 so I opted to get the kit, which is a way better deal, just smaller size products.

So I will be trying this out for you guys and I will let you know what I think about it since I am getting into the mineral powder foundations. Below is a picture of what I got. Talk to you guys soon.

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