Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stereo Rose

I had a hard time getting this damn MSF, it was sold out within hours of the premier. At first I wasn't going to get it, but I kept hearing all this hype about it, so being the addict that I am, I had to get it. Now I called like 15 stores yesterday and they were all sold out. :-((, not a happy camper. So I went to 42nd Street anyway to get some more of the new Mineralize e/s, love, love, love them. Now I called this store yesterday as well, so I am there and this wonderful MUA name Diva was helping me, and I mentioned that I wanted Stereo Rose and every where was sold out. Why she said she was holding one for herself and said that I can have it, I was doing cart wheels in my mind, I couldn't believe she did that for me, I thanked her so much. Now that is what you call customer service. This MSF is very pigmented, I put it on today, and had to rub some of it off. But ladies sometimes you get some nasty people, but there are times when you get the nicest person and you want to always go back to them to give them that sale. I hate going to 42nd St, to many damn tourist for me, but I will go definately go there just to see Ms. Diva.

Talk to you beautiful ladies later..


Fashion Groupie said...

OMG Girl u are so lucky. I went to KP looking for it and they were sold out!!! MAC should of known that Stereo Rose was gonna sell out that quick. The last time it came out was 5 years ago. Well i will keep my hopes up that MAC will ship some more.

Tysh said...

I didn't know that it came out before

Tina said...

Lucky gal! Yep the hype is driven by that previous release. I'm glad I got mine just to say I got it but I don't love it (or even like it much)...I'll try to warm up to it.

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

omg that was soooo nice of her! its a great looking msf.

Tysh said...

@Tina,I agree with you, I don't love it, I have to work with it a little more

yummy411 said...

i love when we have good makeup experiences!

i was about to leave SR in the store cuz when i swatched it because it was just okay. i got home and put on makeup and it looked quite lovely on me cheeks... but yeh it's def overhyped... the power of the internet!