Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mineral Powder Foundation

Hi Guys

Pray for me to continue to post on a regular basis, LOL.. As you may know I love liquid or cream foundations, but it has been so hot that I am trying not to wear so much foundation in this heat, I don't want to melt, LOL... I usually don't like to use mineral powder foundation, because it makes me look ashy and it just doesn't look right. I've bought from MAC, Prescriptives which I ended up returning, and this brand called Bella from ATL, which was the worse still have the damn thing just sitting there. So about 2 months ago I asked for a sample of the mineral powder from MAC, and decided to use it yesterday. And would you know I LOVE IT!!!!!! I think I was probably putting it on wrong and not buffing it in enough. I used the SS197 brush from Sigma (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that brush) I have to get like 3 more. I think I found a new love in mineral powder, LOL. Can you guys suggest any other brands I should use besides MAC, Prescriptive done went out of business :((

Talk to you guys soon


yummy411 said...

hey tysh, sorry i can't recommend anything else. i've only been fond of mac's msf powders, but since have given up as well as they changed the color selection as well as me liking a heavier coverage. i'm holding on to mufe hd as a good staple for summer.

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Ms. Shopportunity said...

Hi there! Just found your blog! There are tons of recommended brands. I have personally tried the first two on this list and had good results:

1) b.l.a.c. minerals
2) Milan Minerals
3) Ada Cosmetics
4) Monave
5) Valena
6) Meow Minerals