Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Metal Urge Look 12-17-08

Hi Guys
Since I don't have anywhere to go in the morning anymore, but take the kids to school I haven't been putting on much makeup, and do I miss it. LOL. Anyway I had to go out this morning so I did a quick look using one of my Metal Urge eyeshadows. What do you think.

Remember I told you guys that I bought a lipstick and gloss from the Monogram Collection and took it back. Well my friend gave me the lipstick in Marque, and the lipgloss and the sheerspark powder for my birthday. I was so happy that would of been a purchase of $70.00. No way in hell. LOL.

HD Primer
Studio Fix Fluid NW47
Mineralize SkinFinish
Iridescent Press-Belightful(Love this)

Moss Scape
Lid-Glided Ash
Crease and Outer V-Carbon
Tear Duct-Electra
Highlight-Studio Finish Concealer NW30
Breezy Blush
Super Orgasm NARS
Pink Meringue
Identity Gloss-Monogram Collection


MakeupByRenRen said...

awww u look pretty! i'm thinkin maybe i should go and get me a metal x?

Tysh said...

Thank you, I really like it this time around, I got 4 and I want to get the rest of them, LOL

yummy411 said...

can you review the metal x eyeshadows? did you try them last year?

very pretty fotd!

Amina said...

you look amaaaaaaaazing!!
i loove the hair too!
which metal x e/s do you recommend?

Tysh said...

I will do a review on them for you, I did buy them last year, but I didn't like the way it went on, but this year a different story, I love them.

Thank you, I have like 2 inches on texturizer in my hair that I am trying to grow out, ask me why I put that mess in my hair after 2 years of growing out my perm...

Seymone said...

very pretty..