Monday, November 24, 2008

Dame Edna Collections

Hi my ladies I was on Temptalia website and she had pictures of the new collection that will be coming out I believe on December 26. Right after christmas YIPPIE!! Can't wait to see what these babies look like in person. Take a look. Look at those palettes. See Ya

Metal Urge Collection and other goodies

Hi Guys

Well yesterday I went to MAC in Brooklyn Heights they had a brunch and they were showing different techniques in applying makeup, which is always good to know. I love taking there classes. Anyway they also had the new collection out which is Metal Urge, they are just like the Metal X they had out last year. I wasn't really feeling the Metal X it just wasn't going on right for me. Maybe I needed to try and use a different brush, but I did get 3 of the shadows in this collection. I really like the colors that I got, and you can also use them as an eyeshadow base. Make the color pop even more. So here are some of the goodies I bought yesterday. Enjoy

-Forged Rose
-Glided Ash(not shown)

Liquidlast Liner
-Molten Sol

182 Brush

Mineralize Blush

Technakol Liner

Friday, November 21, 2008

11-20-08 FOTD

Hey Girls
Okay I did this quick look yesterday. I really need to get another digital camera because the one I have does not take good pictures and I am using my camera phone and it is okay, but you can't really see the color that well. One of my friends requested a look for silver and blue, so I have to see what I come up with. Hopefully I won't look a mess, LOL. Until next time.

Here is what I used:

Mixing Medium Face and Body
Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer Foundation #730
Satin Finish Mineralizer Duo to set foundation
Nars Blush Crazed

Ben Nye e/s-Copper
MAC e/s-BeauyBurst(Barbie Collection)
MAC e/s-BeautyMarked
MAC e/s-Era

Milani Lip Mix
MAC Dazzleglass-Miss Dynamite

Slacking on the Blog

Hi Guys
I have been really slacking off with the blog, been a little busy with the house and everything. I promise to start putting up some new post. See Ya.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

11-15-08 FOTN

Hi Guys

Here is another face of the night, it is almost 2am in the morning. I need to go to bed. LOL. The lighting in my house sucks and I am using my camera phone, I need a new digital camera. Hope you like.


  • HD Primer
  • Makeup Forever HD Primer
  • NW47 Studio Fix Fluid
  • Mineralize Satinfinish-Deep Dark
  • MAC Azalea Blush (Pro)
  • MAC Beauty Powder-Soft Flame
  • MAC Iridescent Powder-Belightful (forehead, nose, and chin)


  • 1/2 Lid Ben Nye-Persimmon
  • 2/3 Lid & Crease Ben Nye-Azalea
  • Outer V & Crease MAC-Sketch
  • Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Dazzle Lash Mascara


  • MAC Lacquer-Vener
  • MAC Dazzleglass-Money, Honey

Friday, November 14, 2008

FOTD 11-10-08

Okay guys I couldn't wait I had this look on Monday, I was feeling a little green that day, LOL So here are the products that I used, let's see if I can remember, I hope you like:

NW40 Studiofinish Concealer
NW47 Studio Fix Fluid
Mineralize Satin Finish-Deep Dark
Cherry Cream Blush & Super Orgasm by Nars
Mineralize Satin Finish-Petticoat on nose, chin forehead

Groundwork Paint Pot
On lid: Chartreuse by Ben Nye
2/3 of lid & Crease:Velvet Moss
Outer V & Crease: Bottle Green
Highlight: Era

Bobbi Brown Beige Lip Gloss ( just don't like the brush applicator for their glosses)
They really need to change it.

My New Blog!!


This is Tysh, and I just set up my blog. I am a little nervous because this is all new to me so please be patient. I have been thinking about doing this for sometime now, and getting the encouragement by 2 other bloggers, Seymone and Erin, I decided to just do it. So thank you very much, and I look forward to start putting my looks out there for you to see. So starting tomorrow I will be getting my looks together and some pictures that I already have. Talk to you soon.